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2022 highlights

Dear Community,

Mindset is everything. When you embrace the complexity of the system you evolve in; when you understand what drives you and what is your area of influence, then you can reclaim your individual agency and drive change from within your organization. There is nothing more exhilarating than reclaiming your ability to make a difference. 

I’m proud to be part of a network that looks beyond the world’s most pressing problems and identifies those who find solutions at the grass-root level. These changemakers are prevalent in the business world and by identifying, equipping and connecting you to one another, we are fostering a business culture for impact. 

In this new year, I wish you to bring your inner purpose to work. Passion is what fuels change. We’re building a space together where you can bring your full self, and where we can create innovative solutions to shape business for impact. 

Arnaud Mourot

Corporate Changemakers pioneering change within their business
Ashoka Fellows and Young Changemakers engaged
Companies willing to change paradigms in their industry
Reports and Studies to share knowledge about impact in business

Purpose puts you in motion

I can't wait to work on a project that will make social change.

Corporate ChangemakerSage

“Ashoka Fellow Gemma Galdon's clear seeing and focused mind let me think there could be different ways to become a social intrapreneur.”

Corporate ChangemakerSage

Within the program, I found a space that aligned with my inner strengths, the support, and friendship of wonderful people, and a company-wide purpose that is inspirational.

Corporate ChangemakerKersia

The programme supports everyone in an open and inclusive way, which will allow you to embrace innovation and change. It is a life-changing experience!

Corporate ChangemakerKersia

Commited & Different is about understanding the real impact of both incremental and radical 'change'. Systemic change is necessary for business survival in this ever increasingly competitive world.

Corporate ChangemakerKersia

My biggest takeaway was coming together with like-minded people, supporting each other's ideas, making friends and new experiences, and growing within my job role.

Corporate ChangemakerKersia

It was really exciting to see so many young changemakers wanting to make a difference. They definitely expanded my view on what drives them.”

Corporate ChangemakerTaco Bell

A year in action

I feel really proud to have seen employees identify themselves in their organization as Changemakers and gain self-confidence thanks to our program. It was also powerful to witness the creation of a community of close-knit peers internally.

Claire de LafargeAshoka x Kersia Partnership Lead

Based on a series of co-run interviews with EY, we produced a groundbreaking report on how financial services might be rebalanced in service of entrepreneurial climate innovation. In tandem with these findings, we hosted a series of ideation sessions between EY senior leaders and Ashoka's Fellows on how social entrepreneurs, such as those featured in the report, might scale their work through the assets and capabilities of a global consultancy such as EY.

Lindsey SmithAshoka x EY Partnership Manager

We moved from traditional CSR to a more holistic strategy where initiatives are connected with TMF core business. By supporting its cultural transformation to become a more diverse and inclusive organization, TMF is exploring how its business can help close existing inequalities - from better hiring and inclusive leadership practices, in service of current and future employees, to supporting small and mid-size social enterprises with limited access to professional advice, to operate compliantly and scale impact.

Andrea AntolinAshoka x TMG Group Partnership Lead

Launching the Wave in Brussels this November with our trailblazing partners from 12 companies was really exciting! Peer-to-peer support is absolutely critical to overcome barriers to sustainable business transformation.

Olivier FruchaudAshoka Community Lead

Sharing is scaling

Our 2022 publications

EY x Ashoka
Sustainable finance

Closing five vital gaps can rebalance finance in service of a diverse and thriving network of entrepreneurial climate innovators.

  • Closing the long-term orientation gap
  • Closing the ecosystem diversity gap
  • Closing the pioneer financing gap
  • Closing the outbound impact gap
  • Closing the incentives gap

10 principles for effective collaboration
Insights from the Making More Health partnership

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Watch replays of our main talks.

Make sure you spend as much time celebrating the achievement of goals as you do setting and accomplishing them.

Scott MillerBestselling Author, 'Management Mess to Leadership Success'

Time to celebrate!

Over 400 people - social innovators, corporate leaders, philanthropists, young changemakers - from 38 countries met in Belgium to celebrate changemaking and social innovation. Watch the amazing talk from the closing ceremony and make sure to join the 2023 edition to celebrate systemic change with Ashoka global community!

Photos : Thibault Feyaerts

Tell your change story

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