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Moon stars social impact personal revolution for all of us.

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Combine the best of both social entrepreneurship and the corporate world

The Journey

Hélène Chinal

General Manager – Capgemini Technology Services

"Collaborating with social entrepreneurs by bringing our skills for their digital challenges is a way to give new meaning to our core business by directly serving society."

Real people with life-changing impact

Jean de Villèle

Deputy General Manager in charge of Human Resources and Work Environment – KLESIA

"Partnering with Changemaker Companies helps trigger an individual and collective shift within the organization. How? By working hand-in-hand with social entrepreneurs, employees develop skills like empathy, teamwork, collaboration, etc."

1. Corporate leaders

offer them the opportunity to sponsor the streams and scale their impact by working on topics like transformation strategies, advocacy, impact measurement, etc.

2. Functional managers 

allow them to identify strategies related to their job and scale policies according to the 5 pillars methodology of every Changemaker Companies program

3. Steering teams

propose new approaches to support teams in charge of piloting the transformation within their company