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Social innovation is the greatest accelerator for cultural change in business

Corporate changemakers learn from our network of 4,000 social entrepreneurs how to navigate complexity, build resilience, and how to empower a community around them to transform their business.


We partner with transformative companies who want to lead systemic change within their industry.

We are on a mission to create a business culture where everyone is a changemaker. A culture where creating positive societal impact through business is the new norm.

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We build communities of corporate changemakers powered by Ashoka’s unrivaled network of social entrepreneurs to accelerate their company's sustainable transformation.

We are architects of a cultural shift within businesses in which everyone develops the skills, confidence, and agency to drive social and environmental change core to their business activity.

We are on a mission to create a business culture where everyone is a changemaker. A culture where creating positive societal impact through business is the new norm.

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Social innovation is key to navigate complexity and operate with purpose. We help to: 

Center strategy on positive impact

Cultivate purpose-driven talent

Reach untapped markets

Lead systemic change in your industry

Moving companies from doing good to doing good business by accelerating the depth and pace of their durable business transformation. 

Case studies

Social entrepreneurs envision the future of business and make it happen.

Discover their innovations.
Yeshi Milner (USA) – Data for Black Lives: Believes that data science needs to be used for good –specifically to amplify the voices and experiences of the disenfranchised. Through the Data for Black Lives movement, she raises awareness in Black communities about the mechanics of big data, like credit scores, and shows how algorithms impact daily life. She also works to collect better and more useful data that can address issues of importance to the Black community. For example, by using better data, maternal health care has now improved at the largest public hospital in Florida, an issue which disproportionately affected Black women. 
Yuhyun Park (South Korea) – DQ Institute: Founded DQ Institute in 2015 to develop and spread the concept of the Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ). DQ constitutes a set of digital competencies all people must have to navigate an increasingly complex digital world. A major focus for DQ Institute is cultivating the digital intelligence of children, who are especially vulnerable to malicious intent online. DQ Institute’s coalition of partners, which includes major tech companies, outlines policy recommendations for nations around the world to implement data-driven strategies that create ethical digital environments. 
Gemma Galdon (Spain)—Eticas: Who decides whether we get a mortgage, a job, or priority care in the Emergency Room? Algorithms. Artificial Intelligence is increasingly making decisions that affect the most important aspects of our lives. This is what sparked Ashoka Fellow Gemma Galdon to found Eticas, which uses algorithmic audits to embed fairness and equity into AI. Gemma is changing the way technology is created through her innovative algorithms audit methodology, which ensures technology does not replicate the biases and injustices present in real-life decision-making tools. Through shifting the mindsets of governments, companies, and public opinion, Eticas Consulting makes sure the hard-won rights and regulations that govern the offline world are translated into the design and development of tech tools.