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Business as force for good

We believe –and have witnessed– that business is one of the strongest forces for social change.

We envision a world where societal impact is the ultimate driver of economy. In this world, it is everyone’s business  to build an equitable & regenerative society, and tackling social & environmental issues through core business is the new norm.

To get there, change must come from within. To spark that change, multistakeholder collaborations are needed to embrace systemic thinking and doing that will ultimately lead to industry level-change.

The accelerating rate of change in the world is exposing a new inequality between those who have the ability to change and adapt, and those who do not. Developing the skills to innovate, evolve, and balance shifting priorities and stakeholders is more crucial than ever.

Our mission

The time to act is now

We leverage social innovation to trigger a mindset shift within the corporate sector and grow a movement of bold changemakers redefining the purpose of business / building an equitable & regenerative economy.

We partner with forward-thinking companies who know people - not process - drive change, and are willing to grow a changemaking culture within their organisation so people drive change from the ground up.

We build alliances between social, private and public innovators to bring systemic change at scale, for the good of all.

Christian Boehringer Shareholder

Boehringer Ingelheim 

“Looking through the lens of Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs means anticipating market changes for the good of all.”

Marley Cohen

Technical Service Manager, Kersia

“The stories from social entrepreneurs are truly inspiring… They instilled the belief that with the right mindset, everyone can be an agent of change."


Sébastien Bossard

CEO of Kersia

“In order to lead in a fast-changing world, we need all our employees to be changemakers.”
Our purpose